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Extremadura stands out for its great historical, architectural and cultural legacy.

The main and closest cultural claim is the City of Trujillo, a beautiful medieval and Renaissance town with an imposing castle, palaces, churches and convents, located just 15 km from the Lagar de Los Almendros. National Geographic has just declared it the most beautiful town in Spain. Two festivals of regional tourist interest are celebrated in Trujillo: the Chíviri or Trujillana Holy Week and the National Cheese Fair.



In the province there are three cities declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco:

Cáceres (65km): Presents the best preserved artistic and monumental complex on the peninsula. The tour of the historic center impresses with the infinity of squares, arches, towers, palaces, churches and convents that it treasures. It also has an active cultural life with numerous museums, among which the Helga de Alvear Museum of Contemporary Art stands out, and an important leisure offer: the Womad Festival, the Medieval Market of the Three Cultures, the Classical Theater Festival, Easter Week, Fiesta of International Tourist Interest.

Guadalupe (65km): The Royal Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It shows different styles among which the Mudejar and the Gothic stand out. Its interior houses works by Zurbarán, El Greco, Goya, Juan de Flandes

Mérida (95km): it is the only Spanish city with the title of “Historical-Archaeological Site”. Although their Roman heritage is known, they also have an important Visigothic and Islamic legacy. It is the headquarters of the International Festival of Classical Theater and the Roman Carnival or Emerita Lúdica.

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